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Pre-applied Glue

This service allows a heat activated glue to be applied to the back of a customer's vinyl for thermoforming. In most cases we apply glue to a customer owned material but we can provide material if requested. Glue is heat activated (thermoset).

  • 1 to 3 mil thermoplastic adhesive

  • Can be applied to rigid, flexible or high gloss vinyls and Kydex

  • Standard glue width: 52" wide; also available in 50" and 54.5" wide upon request

  • Minimum order: 200 LY rolls; rolls less than 200 LY may be accepted upon request


Click Here for more information about pre-applied glue!

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Peel & Stick

We can apply a pressure sensitive adhesive to various substrates with our roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet capabilities. Pressure sensitive adhesive is a self stick adhesive that bonds to a substrate with pressure. No solvents, water or heat is needed to activate the adhesive. We have various types of permanent and removable adhesives to suit your application.

  • Minimum order: 100 LY, splice free; each color on individual cores

  • Adhesive width: 52" wide centered on your vinyl or panel

Peel Coat/Peel Sheet/Masking

Temporary removable layer that protects the surface during downstream processing to the end user. A variety of peel coats are available based on customers application.

  • Width: 53.5"

  • Minimum order: 200 LY roll

Hot Stamping Foil Laminations and Transfers

We can supply various backer films to support (show off) the hot stamping film (HSF) of your choice! We can convert rolls of decorative hot stamping foils into a wide variety of substrates geared to your application requirement.

  • Backer materials: Polyesters, Vinyls, OPPs, Papers, TPO and other substrates at various grades and thicknesses

Contact us for all your commercial laminating needs to see if we can help!


Roll-to-Roll Lamination
Roll-to-Sheet Lamination
SEAL Laminator
HP Digital Printer
  • Roll-to-roll laminating
  • Roll-to-sheet laminating
  • Rewinding/Slitting
  • Small runs with minimum yield loss
  • Quick turnaround, 2 weeks or less
  • Custom Digital printing, wide format
  • Framed Dry Erase Board manufacturing
  • Design capabilities
  • R&D services for small niche markets or projects
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