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Printed & Metallic Polyesters

If you are using HPL's (High Pressure Laminates) or Painted Board (ex. EB painted or hand lacquered)...consider our polyester product line: superior performance, more flexibility and better value!

START with the FINISH!

We manufacture rolls of polyester coated PVC or paper. Our customers or qualified vendors laminate these to a variety of smooth surfaces. Our lines of polyester products include printed laminates which include solid colors, unique designs and woodgrains. Our metallic laminates imitate different polished, brushed and metal patterns.

All of these products are available with or without our signature Scratch Resistant Finish (SRF) and/or a protective peel coat, with vinyl or paper backer as well as low pressure laminates.


  • Over 95% gloss level at 60 degrees

  • A variety of finishes in:

    • Solid colors​

    • Eye catching prints and woodgrains

    • Metallics, Pearls and Holograms

  • Available with removable peel coat (peel sheet/masking)

  • It can be miter-folded. It can also be sawed, perforated, drilled, routed, punched, etc.

  • Will not chip, crack or peel.

  • Our SRF (Scratch Resistant Finish):

    • Is heat, stain and solvent resistant​

    • Will resist scratching, even with 0000 steel wool!

    • Can be cleaned with a glass cleaner etc.

    • Remains looking new for years!


  • We can match your prints/colors or can assist you in developing a new finish.

  • The same color-coordinated finish is available for flat panels, wrapped profiles, or Vacuum/Thermoformable parts or even plastic extrusion or edge-banding!

  • We can recommend laminators qualified to specifically handle high gloss materials.

  • We can offer different price/performance points to optimize value.


  • Most products are available in 8 mil x 50" wide rolls.

  • All products can be ordered with a protective peel coat, pre-applied glue or pressure sensitive adhesive on flexible or rigid PVC and non-PVC products.

Manufacturing Process

​These polyester products can be laminated to coil or sheet metal including CRS, TFS and galvanized steel or aluminum. They can be applied using standard wet adhesive systems & conditions. They can also be flat laminated to MDF, PB or hardboard; or may be profile wrapped using PUR glue.


These printed and metallic polyesters may be used in place of wood, thermoformable vinyls, metals or just to embellish an existing product. End-uses include store fixtures, POP displays, cabinets and furniture accents.

These products are NOT suitable for vacuum or thermoforming. They are used for flat laminating or profile wrapping only. Please thoroughly check metal adhesion and peel coat for each application.

Our Printed Designs

Our Metallic Finishes

Contact us for a free sample catalog!

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