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Anti-Graffiti Films

Ideal for protection against Vandalism! Gives your signs the graffiti protection they need while increasing the overall sign durability.

Finish Tech's Anti-Graffiti film is a high performance clear overlaminate with a factory-applied permanent optically clear adhesive and release liner. This film offers world-class leading graffiti protection with superior clarity, chemical, graffiti, stain, and stain resistance. Excellent chemical barrier protects signs from aggressive graffiti inks, markers, paints etc.

Our anti-graffiti surface is so chemical resistant that inks and paints do not stick to the surface and can be wiped off easily without the use of cleaners!


This product can be manufactured in rolls 50" to 60" wide and can be laminated to various substrates.


  • Advertising graphics

  • Event graphics or displays

  • Bus shelters

  • Train stations

  • Restroom stalls

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