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Finish Tech Corp., founded in 1990 by M.J. Dani, is a privately owned, leading U.S.A. manufacturer and supplier of overlay films and laminates for the finishing of wood, plastics and metal products. Unique products include woodgrains, metallics, holographics, dry erase and other high gloss decorative flexible laminates.


We offer more than a decade of product development innovation and manufacturing expertise to Fortune 100 companies looking for competitively priced, superb quality laminates for varied commercial applications. You can rely on Finish Tech Corp. for all your commercial laminating needs for processes including flat laminating, extrusion laminating, profile wrapping, membrane or vacuum pressing. Capabilities include roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet lamination. Services include pre-applying heat activated glues, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot stamping foil/transfer film lamination and peel coat/masking.

With over 40 years of Industrial R&D and manufacturing experience, Mr. Dani holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and has two U.S. patents to his credit. He has been at the forefront in thin film metallizing, coating, plastic composites and laminating industries. As a developer, M.J.'s expertise includes projects for industries including aerospace, wood-finishing, solar energy, electronic packaging, fashion and much more.

Markets & Applications

Wood Finishing

  • Flat lamination, profile wrapping, 3-D forming

Metal Finishing

  • Coil coat lamination, flat lamination

Plastic Finishing

  • Sheet lamination, extrusion lamination - ABS, PVC, HIPS

Overlaminating Films

  • End users and other manufacturers

Dry Erase Films

  • Education, Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Signage/Graphics, Furniture


  • Decorative

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Our 20,000 sq. ft. facility is located in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, just minutes away from Philadelphia. All our products are fully manufactured and assembled here in the U.S.

Interested in learning more about Finish Tech Corp. and how we can optimize your converting technologies with our cost-effective products? Contact us today.

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