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Overstock 3-D Laminates

Low Cost Overstocked 3-D Laminates From Leading Suppliers!

2020 is the final year of selling overstocked laminating films acquired through Thermofoil Warehouse. The films are from some of the industries’ highest quality suppliers including Renolit, Omnova, Riken and others. We are offering close-out special pricing to move our remaining inventory.

Some of these items include: Chocolate Pear; Café Espresso; Calvados C; Hot Fudge; Wild Cherry; Candlelight Apple; Brandy Fruitwood; Shaker Cherry; Planked Maple; Memphis Cherry; Summerflame; Dark Zebrano; Resawn Walnut; Spheros Copper; Solar Oak; Classic Solar Oak; Delray Cherry; Honduras Mahogany; White.

Whether you have a competitive project with some design flexibility or need one of these for remakes of one of these colors, this is a great opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of finished 3-D pressed components.

Our pricing is at $3.99/yard for any full roll (usually 200-300 yards) with significant discounts down to $1.99 for 6 rolls or more (including mixed colors).  At these close-out prices, you may find it worthwhile to buy a full pallet as a low cost film for repressing, trouble-shooting, press start-ups. All sales are As Is. 10 yard pressable sample rolls are available for $50.


We can apply pre-applied glue, pressure sensitive backers or protective peel coats on any of these items for an additional charge.

All items are in stock for immediate shipment from various warehouses in the U.S.A.

Inventory is subject to prior sales.

Contact us for a free sample catalog!

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