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The Look of Metal with the Ease of Laminate


Ivyland, PA (August 22, 2017) — Take a shining to metallic laminates from Finish Tech Corp.!


Available in a variety of polished and brushed metal patterns, Finish Tech’s high-gloss metallic polyester laminates offer versatility, durability and ease of application at a fraction of the cost of solid metal sheets. Choose from copper, silver, gold, pewter and galvanized steel finishes.


Metallic laminates are ideal for value engineering store fixtures, POP displays, furniture, picture frames and many other products either as a replacement for wood, thermoformable vinyls and metals or as an embellishment. They are fabricator friendly and can be profile wrapped, miter-folded, sawn, perforated, drilled, routed, punched, etc.


Finish Tech’s metallic laminates work with a wide variety of substrates. For example, they can be laminated to coil or sheet metal including galvanized steel or aluminum; flat laminated to particleboard, MDF and hardboard; or profile wrapped using PUR glue.


The laminates will not chip, crack or peel. The metallic sheen maintains more than 95% gloss level at 60 degrees. They are available with Finish Tech’s signature Scratch Resistant Finish (SRF) to add many years of surface protection against heat, stains, solvents and scratching. Tests show Finish Tech’s SRF to be superior to EB and HPL when scratching with rotary 0000 steel wool.


Most Finish Tech metallic laminates are available in a range of 4 to 11 mils thick in 50” wide rolls depending on the need. All products are available on flexible or rigid vinyl or as non-PVC products. Customers can count on Finish Tech’s expertise to specify the best product for an application.


Metallic laminates are only part of Finish Tech’s comprehensive line of polyester laminates which also includes solid colors, eye-catching prints, woodgrains, pearls and holograms. All of these products, as well as custom finishes, are available with or without Finish Tech’s SRF and/or a protective peel sheet with a flexible or rigid backer in various thicknesses to suit your processing needs. All products can be ordered with Finish Tech’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.


For more information about Finish Tech’s metallic and printed polyester laminate line, SRF, Peel Sheet and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive programs, visit or contact Lee Frank, Client Relations Manager, at or phone 215-396-8800.

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Leave Your Glue Spraying Days Behind


Ivyland, PA (February 28, 2017) — Rigid thermo foil (RTF) manufacturers can eliminate labor, equipment and maintenance costs by taking advantage of Pre-applied Glue services from Finish Tech Corp., a North American leader for finishing wood, plastics and metal.


Finish Tech’s heat-activated thermoplastic adhesive takes the muss and the fuss out of the membrane/thermoforming process, eliminating mixing, spraying, curing and cleaning wet adhesives. A nominal 2-mil thick adhesive coat, uniformly applied to the customer’s RTF at Finish Tech’s Pennsylvania facility, creates a secure, void-free bond when activated. The Pre-applied Glue has an indoor shelf life of several years and has a long-proven track record of holding up to the day-to-day rigors of kitchens across North America.


Finish Tech offers its Pre-applied Glue services for orders as low as 200 linear yards. Smaller minimum orders may be accepted upon request. A free trial roll is available for customer evaluation.


Another service available from Finish Tech is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) application, a peel and stick surface that bonds to a substrate with pressure. Finish Tech can help customers choose the type of permanent adhesive best suited for their applications. PSA orders start at 100 linear yards.


Pre-applied Glue and PSA customers can opt to safeguard the surfaces of their material during the manufacturing process with Finish Tech’s Peel Sheet service, a temporary and removable scratch and mar resistant protective sheet. Both PSA and Peel Sheet services are offered in roll or sheet form.


For more information about Finish Tech Corp.’s Pre-applied Glue program, PSA, Peel Sheet and other services and products  visit or contact Lee Frank, Client Relations Manager, at or phone 215-396-8800.

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Editors: For more information about this release or Finish Tech Corp.’s products and services, please contact Dan Griffin, Marketing Manager, at or phone 215-396-8800.

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