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Scratch Resistant Films

Finish Tech's unique Scratch Resistant Finish (SRF) provides the toughest high gloss coating on the market! Available as an option on all our polyester products, SRF offers superior resistance to heat, stains, water damage, scratching and chemical solvents. Despite its unique qualities, SRF can be safely cleaned with regular household cleaner and still remain looking new for years!

Unique SRF qualities and advantages:

  • 60 degrees gloss over 95%

  • Passes cross hatch adhesion

  • Superior to EB and HPL (even when scratched with rotary 0000 steel wool!)

  • Resistant to boiling water

  • Solvent and stain resistant

All products are available with a protective peel coat. Performance (ex. adhesion/clean release) of each type of peel coat is time and temperature dependent. Each applications must be thoroughly evaluated.

Click Here for technical sheet!

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