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Everase® Dry Erase Products

Everase Corporation is the Sales & Marketing affiliate of Finish Tech Corp. selling various dry erase applications to end consumer markets. With vast experience in the elementary, middle, high schools and universities markets, Everase has the ability to enhance any learning environment. Beyond the classroom, our solutions are tailored to all corporations and businesses, including healthcare, hospitality, government, sports entertainment and even the home.

As budgets continue to shrink for schools, Everase is the most cost-effective way to bring whiteboards to your learning environments without the expense of removing and replacing dusty chalkboards or stained and ghosted whiteboards. Everase is the leader in affordable whiteboard conversions and offers a variety of whiteboard solutions. See how Everase can transform your classroom whiteboards!


Every dry erase or whiteboard solution from Everase has a one-of-a-kind, superior finish surface - for the secret is the surface! Our surfaces deliver unsurpassed erasability, unparalleled brightness, stain-resistance, superb performance and are incredibly simple to integrate.

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Everase ClearFilms - A Dry Erase Laminate

  • This premium polyester NO GHOSTING overlaminate can be applied to various substrates using industry standard laminating equipment.

  • Pre-applied optically clear pressure sensitive or low temp heat seal adhesives make it easy to laminate.

  • State-of-the-art dry erase technology is resistant to ghosting and staining.

  • Anti-Graffiti properties enables permanent marker to be erased easily.

  • Applications include signage, displays, POP, printers, posters, custom printed dry erase boards etc.

Everase Dry Erase Resurfacing Solutions

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Everase Collaborative Classrooms and Environments

Everase Write-a-Wall: Erasable Wallcovering

  • Ideal for offices, classrooms, conference rooms, think tanks and more! Promote limitless brainstorming and creativity in any setting.

  • Compatible with interactive technology or used as projections screens.

  • Covers wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling or any flexible wall customization.

  • Applied directly to your exiting dry wall with commercial grade wallpaper adhesive.

  • Passes ASTM E-84 Flammability Test

Everase Re-Stic Dry Erase Surface

  • Turn workspaces into whiteboard surfaces! Brainstorm, collaborate and communicate with this easy self stick dry erase surface.

  • Perfect for any wall, door, desk, table or smooth hard surface.

  • Easy to install with no tools required - just unroll, peel and stick!

  • Repositionable and always removable. Can easily be cut to any size! 

Everase Custom Printed Dry Erase Boards


  • If you can imagine it, we can create it!

  • 100% customizable design of your own ideas tailored for your industry.

  • Showcase company logo & colors on fully functional dry erase boards.

  • Vibrant digital quality images and color.

  • Applications include patient room boards, music staff lines, court & field diagrams, menus, specials/promotions, calendars, project management etc!

Start Customizing Your Board Today!

Everase Accessories


  • Dry Erase Markers

    • Chisel tip, low odor 4-Color set includes Black, Red, Blue and Green.

  • Jumbo Clip Magnets

    • Large clip magnets that are strong enough to hold several sheets of paper and will not scratch your writing surface.

The Secret is the Surface!

Everase dry erase products are designed for optimum performance combining excellent dry erase marker printability and best in class erasability. Our specifically engineered dry erase surface provides excellent printability and erasability in an impervious formulation. Everase offers the best quality features of scratch, abrasion, chemical, stain, heat and wear resistance and remains unsurpassed when compared and contrasted with our competition.

Technical Performance Features:

  • Writeability - Use of any dry erase, fluorescent, semi-permanent and permanent markers and crayons will not damage the Everase surface.

  • Erasability - Easy to erase with a dry or damp cloth. No chemicals needed! Passes Boone 30 day test method with 5 lbs/3 rubs or better with all tested dry erase markers.

  • Printability - Excellent marker pen printability and erasability. Non-ghosting, non-yellowing product. Both permanent and dry erase markers can be used for permanent and temporary information but then cleaned easily.

  • Durability - Scratch resistance using Hoffman Scratch Test. Does not scratch even with rotary 0000 steel wool!

  • Wearability - Abrasion resistance using Taber Abrasion test.

  • Stain Resistance - No stain effects from Coffee, Tea, Mustard, Black Permanent Marker, #2 Pencil, Wax Crayon, Lipstick, other solvents, common food stains and more.

  • Chemical Resistance - No stain effects from Glass Cleaner, Rubbing alcohol, MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)

Click Here for technical performance sheet!


Our dry erase products are marketed and sold by our sister company, Everase Corporation, a leader in affordable whiteboard conversion and offers a variety of dry erase solutions for the Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Corporate & Home Office, Manufacturing & Logistics and Sports Entertainment markets. Every dry erase or whiteboard solution from Everase has a one-of-a-kind, superior finish surface - for the secret is the surface!

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